The process of our selection of personnel consists of the following steps:

  • Initial meeting with a client and consultation
  • Creating and posting a job advertisement
  • Making an initial list of candidates to interview
  • Interviewing candidates (if a client prefers, interviewing and/or tests/tasks can be used
  • Checking references
  • Additional screening of candidates, at a client’s request
  • Giving guarantee
When it might be necessary for your business to lease personnel:

  • In case your company has a short-term business order or the amount and intensity of business activities have increased due to seasonality;
  • In case any of your employees get ill, are entitled to maternity leave, childcare leave, study leave or annual leave;
  • When you cannot employ more people due to the in your company;
  • If your company does not have a registered office in Lithuania;
  • You may want to whether an employee is the best fit for the position.

How does it work?

Personnel leasing services enable you to hire workers without employing them directly in your company. In this case, the employer will be Amber team, UAB taking responsibility for personnel selection, management of documents. Your company will conclude a service contract with Amber team, UAB, while an employee will conclude an employment contract with Amber team, UAB.

Why is this beneficial for your business?

  • It alleviates administrative burden regarding personnel management: employment / outplacement procedures, payroll and tax record keeping;
  • It saves time needed to select and hire an employee;
  • You get an opportunity to respond to a situation when it comes to any changes in your business activities;
  • Should the need arise, you can employ a person that you find the most desirable one directly in your company.
Save your company’s human resources by transferring part or all of a human resource department functions to us

We provide the following services:
  • Management of employment contracts with current employees, and management of other personnel documentation; keeping payroll records;
  • Employing your selected candidates under fixed-term or open-ended employment contracts, management of their personnel documentation, keeping payroll records;
  • Service of an external director of human resources when our designated professional carries out part or all of the functions required by a human resource department.
Pay for work done instead of paying for the actual hours worked.
Do you have a challenging task which is difficult to deal with on your own?

Transfer part or all of this process to us. Working under contract of independent work will enable us not only to find you the right employees, but also to ensure that they will achieve desirable results by doing their jobs. Their remuneration will be based on work done, but not on the actual hours worked.
Do you need to say ‘goodbye’ to employee? Do this the right way. Give displaced employees a chance to use career transition programme which will help them to find new employment.

With our help, a lot of people have found new jobs. Our consultants will provide assistance during these tough times when looking for a job and will help people find the right job. It is important to conduct effective, well-planned and arranged job search. We are aware of how to make this happen and we also have programmes designed for this purpose.
We also provide these services:

Selection of employees from non EU countries, and management of documents necessary for employment.


Aidos nuotrauka
Klaipeda’s Svyturio Arena is our client since the beginning of 2014. We provide employee staffing and project coordination services before and during the events. About 30 staff members work in Arena during each event.
“For more than 2 years we work with Amber staff because of it’s exceptional service quality, positive attitude towards clients and flexibility. I am happy to recommend Amber staff to other companies”.
We work with Lithuania’s largest exhibition and congress center Litexpo since 2012. We started our cooperation from provision of short term staff service for their events. The most significant time was during Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union when many important events took place in Litexpo. We also provide payroll administration service for Litexpo- we manage employment contracts with short term employees, other personnel documentation and  keep payroll records.
We successfully cooperate with Rimi Lietuva in the areas of long term and short term employee lease. Our selected employees work in the shops also in food making departments.
„We always get a fast and professional  response to our enquiries. We are very happy with the level of services and we look foward to succesfull cooperation with Amber staff  in the future.“

Amber staff worked with Tomra since it‘s very start of activities in Lithuania. We have helped Tomra to find and select employees for their new company in Lithuania.

Mats Toots, Tomra Systems

“I was very pleased with the level of Amber staff recruitment and consulting services. They have been very proactive, helpful and supportive during the process of recruiting and onboarding employees.”

We work with market research ccmpany Viseo In since 2016. We provide them with employee lease services- our employees are working with market research projects accross Lithuania.
Laima Žilinskienė, jsc „VISEO IN“ DIRECTOR
Amber staff is great because of their speed, reliability and flexibility. They find employees on time and react to changes very quickly. I am impressed about their communication with clients, nice staff and great service. I would recommend Amber staff to other companies who face problems with fast changing demand of employees.
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